VOIP Soft Switch SIP Has Improved Business Revenues By Its Cost And Technology

VOIP switches have been replaced by the basic classical switches. They are replaced mainly for lower cost, advanced features and easy management. The companies feel it easy to give cheaper telecom services with VOIP Soft switch SIP. Signaling, call services, call routing and other jobs are easily handled by these. There is a massive change in the technology in almost all the fields. VOIP has dominated the telecom industry. Business people are feeling easier for communication with cheaper rates with this technology. This soft switch is also one of the reasons for providing cheaper services.
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VOIP has a number of processes converting analog to digital signals. This signal is transmitted as IP packets through the internet to the destination. There is no competitor for such cheaper rate of technology and thus it is the boss of communication. This soft switch is a server application and is a central device of the network. Connecting calls is the main function of this software. Networks around the world are connected through this. Control of the circuit switched network and the packed switched network connections are the main function.  A logic switch controls the operation of this switch.
Call agent works for billing, routing of calls, signaling and call services. The media gateway is also controlled in many geographical locations. Dissimilar media has to be connected successfully to transfer the information. VOIP Softswitch SIP is the bridge for different networks. The link is created between different media streams. There are many advantages by using this software:
  • When there is more traffic the connection is re-routed to correct destination.
  • More than 500 concurrent calls can be managed at a time.
  • Setting up the hardware takes only a few hours.
  • Customers Receive invoices automatically.
  • Both prepaid and post customers can be managed
  • Cost is affordable.
  • Connection is reliable


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