How businesses can make good use of hosted voip softswitch?

The success of VoIP communication wouldn't have been possible if hosted voip softswitch provider was not there. It is the essential component of VoIP business. It is engineered with multiple functionalities. Basically, it uses VoIP technology to route calls over the internet from one phone line to another.
Apart from routing, it also has following functionalities-
  • Switching
  • Invoice & Billing
  • Report Generation
The functionalities offered can be different from one hosted voip softswitch provider to another. Thus, businesses can make a good use of VoIP soft switch to run telecom business
The hosted voip soft switch offers all the switching functionality. In hosted Soft switches, partitions are formed on the soft switch where everyone represents the workspace of a wholesale voice operator and is an accurate replica of the original soft switch.
The partition owner can easily access of following things-
  1. The data
  2. Signaling IP
  3. CDRs
  4. Other details of interconnecting endpoints
This system is uncomplicated to setup and manage and it can run in few minutes. Subsequently, this all results in immense savings and great efficiency in resource utilization.
It is prudent when you decide the service provider for your business. Select carefully.

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