Major VoIP Service Providers in the Market

Voice over Internet protocol is a technology brought in to enable a user to make national and international calls using the internet. This technology is replacing the use of cables, limited usage landline phones, and network issues at different locations. Places where the network is not reaching, WiFi can help you make calls via VoIP technology. The easiest example to understand this is Skype.    
best Mobile VoIP provider can be in form of hardware, software depending upon your service provider. But the basic requirement for VoIP calling remains the same, an internet connection.
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There are different VoIP providers in the market, who are pitching major business doing companies, where VoIP calling is most needed.
Let us have a quick look at the per-requisites of best mobile voip providers
  • Saving cost: Landlines, mobile phone calling over network cause a lot of money to be paid by the customer, especially for companies like BPO and software technical support where calling is the major source of their business.
  • Better quality of calling: VoIP give a better quality of calling due to more range and signal strength of Wi-Fi connections.
  • The range of functionality: A best Mobile VoIP provider must give a wide range of services like message recording, video calling, video + audio calling, conference calls and many, as per required
Leading VoIP service providers in the market:
  • Cisco WebEx: Mostly used by IT and mechanical support industry which provide exceptional quality of audio and video with functions like webinars, conference calls.
  • Ringcentral: With features like fax services, call management, voicemails and many more, they have come a long way as major VoIP service provider.
  • 8*8 Virtual Office Pro: Another leader in the industry, preferred for business applications, 8*8 provides maximum no of services and functions that can be extracted out of VoIP.


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