Benefits of Hosted VoIP

The term Hosted VoIP can be divided in Hosted and VoIP, where “Hosted” tells that the hardware and PBX are hosted from a location away from the site where the Voice over IP is being used. A site can have VoIP telephone service that is used in their phones in the office but their PBX can be hosted at their VoIP data service providers. Many ISPs provide this hosted VoIP service.
Hosted VOIP service 4.PNG
There are various advantages of hosted the VoIP service over the traditional calling services. Some of which can be as:
    A hosted VoIP system costs much less compared to the traditional system.
    there is also no installation cost for a hosted VoIP.
    The VoIP systems are considered as an operational expenditure and not a capital expenditure.
The right hosted VoIP service provides a good service, with minimum delay and data losses. These services help you opt for these services economically.


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