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SoftSwitch brining features of telecommunication on single platform

Cutting cost and making profit is the first motive and the dream of every business person. The telecom industry is now changing and adapting VOIP services, which at low price gives immense profit. VOIP not just, makes you happy with its low charges, but also gives high quality service in receiving and making of calls. Every day, the VOIP is gets more common and more chosen by the people for making business and installing at commercial places. Now, the VOIP has introduced Softswitch which is a software installed at server end, making all telecommunication feature meet at single platform and giving efficient service to the users.
SoftSwitch and its function-
A question might be arising in your mind; what is softswitch and how does it work? The first thing to understand properly is about softswitch. A softswitch is a software, which manages the features like; routing, switching, invoice and billing for customers, and is used in business purposes. The installation and use of the softswitch …