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Android SIP Client – get the best of VOIP and Android mobile dialer

We all have become familiar with Android. It is perhaps the most popular mobile OS. It is based on Linux kernel and is used by millions of users all over the world. It has been developed by Google and is best suited for touchscreen based mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets. With the advent of Android, the world of mobile computing has witnessed a lot of changes including the ways people communicate over the internet. VOIP Android – the world of endless opportunities The world of telecommunications is undergoing rapid changes. With the advent of VOIP people are able to With Android it is possible to make cheap calls over the internet using VOIP. To make use of VOIP Android one needs to have SIP installed in their mobile devices. SIP is an open protocol which can enable people to do VOIP. Currently a lot of applications are being developed to allow people to become Android SIP client. The benefits of SIP Phone Android based mobile phones are being ins

Why SIP Client for Android phones is considered as the best choice?

Voice over internet protocol or commonly called VoIP refers to the communication protocols, methodologies and transmission techniques involved in providing the voice and multimedia communications over the internet like networks. It ensures absolute and active interconnection between two users on different domains. Android VoIP Mobile dialer for SIP clients facilitates the caller in making VoIP calls from their standard mobile phones. The Android Softphone is made for service providers who can utilize this while incorporating with their accessible SIP servers. The Android application gets registered with SIP server and permits the actual caller to call. Granting empowerment to its customers to make calls from their standard mobile phones is the most advantageous factor of the Android VoIP application. Android VoIP application has the ability to replace the native dialer, run applications in the background and implement programs to maintain WiFi active. SIP clients for Androi

VoIP Softswitch Solution - The Best Way to Implement VoIP Technology

The revolution in the virtual world has led to a lot of changes in the telecommunications industry. Along with an explosion in demand all across the globe, the field has also seen technological advancements that have facilitated faster and more efficient communication. The Softswitch or software switch is one such device that connects telephone calls through software that resides on a computer and makes communication cheap and efficient. What is a Softswitch? Softswitch has emerged as a central device in the telecommunications network. Apart from the traditional electronic hardware, most companies are showing their preference for Softswitches that run on hosted servers using VOIP technology. Softswitch possesses all the features and  functionality  of a traditional switch and some added ones that have made it quite popular with the telecommunications companies. Features of a Softswitch Softswitch is mainly used for call routing and signaling and managing the calls