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VoIP Infotech- Dedicated Server Hosting Services

As we know that, A dedicated server is a powerful computer that is used solely as a network server; a single computer in a network reserved for network needs. Dedicated Server Hosting refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer and it provides services for only one account or domain name. It is therefore solely for use by one organization, and is leased and stored in the data centre of the host company. VoIP Infotech delivers best-in-class dedicated, managed and cloud hybrid hosting IT solution for business of all sizes on a global basis. Our server is ideal for any business looking for secure hosting for websites, e commerce and applications contact VoIP Infotech. You have full administrative access over your virtual servers, pay-as-you-go pricing flexibility and instant access.

PBX Phone System

     <p style="text-align: justify;">An IP-PBX (Internet Protocol-Private Branch Exchange ) is the software which is functioned to give away voice or video data along with Public Switched Telephone Network ( PSTN ).In this Respect VoIP Infotech has designed an outstanding IP PBX Software that  is beneficial over costly calls as it delivers cost effective calls and manage long distance call within a few seconds while you don’t have to go in the queue of traditional landline phones. This IP PBX Software consist a multitask server which includes Conference, IVR, VoIP services such as SIP technology and much more  .An IP PBX system leave its presence as hardware object  as well as software system . It has developed its mobility through its consistence consumption by people and business houses. This has become a good alternative for the corporate sector and daily uses over the traditional method of telecommunications. <P/>