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Android SIP Client – get the best of VOIP and Android mobile dialer

We all have become familiar with Android. It is perhaps the most popular mobile OS. It is based on Linux kernel and is used by millions of users all over the world. It has been developed by Google and is best suited for touchscreen based mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets. With the advent of Android, the world of mobile computing has witnessed a lot of changes including the ways people communicate over the internet. VOIP Android – the world of endless opportunities The world of telecommunications is undergoing rapid changes. With the advent of VOIP people are able to With Android it is possible to make cheap calls over the internet using VOIP. To make use of VOIP Android one needs to have SIP installed in their mobile devices. SIP is an open protocol which can enable people to do VOIP. Currently a lot of applications are being developed to allow people to become Android SIP client. The benefits of SIP Phone Android based mobile phones are being ins

Why SIP Client for Android phones is considered as the best choice?

Voice over internet protocol or commonly called VoIP refers to the communication protocols, methodologies and transmission techniques involved in providing the voice and multimedia communications over the internet like networks. It ensures absolute and active interconnection between two users on different domains. Android VoIP Mobile dialer for SIP clients facilitates the caller in making VoIP calls from their standard mobile phones. The Android Softphone is made for service providers who can utilize this while incorporating with their accessible SIP servers. The Android application gets registered with SIP server and permits the actual caller to call. Granting empowerment to its customers to make calls from their standard mobile phones is the most advantageous factor of the Android VoIP application. Android VoIP application has the ability to replace the native dialer, run applications in the background and implement programs to maintain WiFi active. SIP clients for Androi

VoIP Softswitch Solution - The Best Way to Implement VoIP Technology

The revolution in the virtual world has led to a lot of changes in the telecommunications industry. Along with an explosion in demand all across the globe, the field has also seen technological advancements that have facilitated faster and more efficient communication. The Softswitch or software switch is one such device that connects telephone calls through software that resides on a computer and makes communication cheap and efficient. What is a Softswitch? Softswitch has emerged as a central device in the telecommunications network. Apart from the traditional electronic hardware, most companies are showing their preference for Softswitches that run on hosted servers using VOIP technology. Softswitch possesses all the features and  functionality  of a traditional switch and some added ones that have made it quite popular with the telecommunications companies. Features of a Softswitch Softswitch is mainly used for call routing and signaling and managing the calls

The Usefulness of VOIP Telecom Billing System

Technology has developed in such a way that it has changed the world into a place that is no less than a miracle. There are many such technologies that have changed the world and have been very successful in the development of business and management. These technologies have made the lives of people easier and comfortable. One such technology that has been very popular among the people in recent times is the VOIP telecom billing software and has been very successful in the market in the recent times. The demands of this particular telecom software are increasing every day and the numbers of people using this software are increasing too.   VOIP or voice over internet protocol is a technology that enables users to communicate via IP networks. The internet is one such IP network and voice over Internet protocol enables users to communicate through voice communications and multimedia communications and these applications have been very famous since it first came into the picture. Th

The concept of VOIP Softphone

Technology is on the verge of ruling the whole world. It has been a boon to the people all over the world. There are many products on the market that have been a revolution all over the world. These products are making the lives of people easy and comfortable. There are many companies that are providing such products to the people all over the world and have been very popular among the people and have been very successful in the world economy.                                       One such wonder product is the VOIP softphone that has been very popular among the people all over the world since its commencement. These Soft phones are built on simple codec and have been very successful in delivering the best. Products such as VOIP Softphone sip Client is one of its main features. The reason behind the success of these products is the fast technology. It can be connected to any PC or other such products and has visual advantages as it makes chating very easy and good. These ar

Best Hosted VoIP Solution Provider

VoIP Infotech is the organization that has committed to bring forth its next generation business VoIP solutions to create a revolution in the communication sector. Trust us not because we say so but because our services guaranteed so to all our clients. Cheapest international calls guaranteed with emphasis on saving about 98% on all international calls. This is possible as our rates are too low and the best in industry. We make our clients easier with elimination of entire install procedures formalities. You need not now worry about installation or connection fees and can rely on the simple core policy of our team i.e. “Save & Dial”. With VoIP Infotech clients can create their own world of cheap, uninterrupted calling, and best communication anywhere around the world. For more details log into and stay ahead in the race for best voice over IP APP. Our hosted services for World VoIP are aimed at giving real power to your telep

Points to Analyze While Hiring Best Business VoIP Solutions

Business VoIP solutions are world’s latest advancement in the transmission of voice communication based on methodologies of multi sessions around the world. The advanced technology is supported by internet telephony and implements numerous internet protocols to ascertain an uninterrupted communication between two users over assorted domains. Business VoIP service providers supports of flexibility in calls irrespective of the location, device, and organization medium. Internet telephony service provider will help you to curb down your calling costs as they are not regulated unlike PSTN. It improves the clarity, continuity, and productivity of the call. World VoIP easily functions on movable devices apart from phone to make calls or forward SMS over 3G & Wi – Fi. Points to Remember while Selecting Best Business VoIP Proffers Professional Training: - Always opt for the services providers that accompany initial training of professionals in corporate. The traini

Logic behind Hiring Dedicated Servers or Hosting Services

Online is the next platform that corporate sector is battling with each other to acquire clients. The boom in internet market has undoubtedly resulted in business houses moving towards capturing potential online customers. So, to make your business move to internet platform one needs a website, valuable content, description of goods or services, and strategic marketing. But, no website or content can reach the clients or users unless one hires space or platform to showcase their business over the online. The best idea is to opt for space, hosting services, or cheap dedicated services to reach out to potential clients with your business. Why dedicated servers or Hosting services Cheap servers are the exact element that your business requires to share resources with end users, store data, and compute solutions. Clients have the flexibility of either choosing hired servers’ services or dedicated server as per preferences and business budget along with requirements.

VoIP Infotech- Dedicated Server Hosting Services

As we know that, A dedicated server is a powerful computer that is used solely as a network server; a single computer in a network reserved for network needs. Dedicated Server Hosting refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer and it provides services for only one account or domain name. It is therefore solely for use by one organization, and is leased and stored in the data centre of the host company. VoIP Infotech delivers best-in-class dedicated, managed and cloud hybrid hosting IT solution for business of all sizes on a global basis. Our server is ideal for any business looking for secure hosting for websites, e commerce and applications contact VoIP Infotech. You have full administrative access over your virtual servers, pay-as-you-go pricing flexibility and instant access.

PBX Phone System

     <p style="text-align: justify;">An IP-PBX (Internet Protocol-Private Branch Exchange ) is the software which is functioned to give away voice or video data along with Public Switched Telephone Network ( PSTN ).In this Respect VoIP Infotech has designed an outstanding IP PBX Software that  is beneficial over costly calls as it delivers cost effective calls and manage long distance call within a few seconds while you don’t have to go in the queue of traditional landline phones. This IP PBX Software consist a multitask server which includes Conference, IVR, VoIP services such as SIP technology and much more  .An IP PBX system leave its presence as hardware object  as well as software system . It has developed its mobility through its consistence consumption by people and business houses. This has become a good alternative for the corporate sector and daily uses over the traditional method of telecommunications. <P/>     

IP Phone to Phone services

We announce new PC based VoIP call applications for international calling. Our Windows PC based PC to Phone application provides a premium VoIP call service combined with standard prepaid calling card card/PIN functionality so you can easily control your international and India calling expenses. This Internet call apps features basic user options such as Balance Display, Redial and low international rates to call any country. VoIP Infotech is the best VoIP call app for making all your international calls including when you dial India.