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What use iPhone SIP Client ?

VoIP iPhone SIP Client The iPhone users all over the world are having a ball. Apple has recently changed its stance against iPhone SIP client developers and the news has been celebrated all across the world. Actually the change in heart from Apple means a lot to the iPhone patrons. It means they can use SIP protocol and make calls at reduced prices. It means a whole lot of other things that are worth knowing. So, here are the reasons for using iPhone SIP client. Benefits of using iPhone SIP Client SIP is an open protocol for communications that allows users to connect to a server and use the services. It supports a range of transport protocols like TCP, SCTP and UDP. It can initiate multimedia sessions and allow the users to transfer not only voice messages but also chats and videos. SIP enabled VoIP iPhone is fast replacing the traditional phone systems. It is popularly used over internet to enable the users to make calls across the world. SIP is known to