What is Mobile voip? How it can benefit you?

mobile voip providers is a short form of mobile Voice over Internet Protocol. It is, in reality, a computer phone that enables you to make phone calls from computer to anyone. One can make calls, no matter where the person lives in the world. By utilizing VoIP, one can call from PC to PC, PC to Phones (both landlines and mobile phones).
There are two types of communication are generally supported by VoIP technologies.
  • The first one is Cordless/DECT/PCS protocols. It is for short ranged area or campus communications. All base stations are linked to the same LAN in this protocol.
  • The 3G/4G protocols are being used for wider area communications.
Unprecedented popularity of Mobile voip-
  1. A quarter of households in Europe have replaced their landline telephone subscriptions with mobile phones and VOIP. It is found that in Finland (61%), Portugal (48%), and Eastern Europe (39%) have users of mobile VoIP.
  2. VoIP is fast becoming popular in other European countries due to its smooth functionality. People pay very little and can make international call.
 The mobile voip providers are finding a great market for them. The popularity of this technique is going to increase more since it is very tremendously useful to connect in very few charges.

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