Edge Benefits of Virtual Numbers Services

Virtual Phone numbers are representative or display numbers which have multiple mobile or landline numbers connected to them. When a user dials to a Virtual number services , the call is forwarded to Primary number, if not available, the call is diverted to the secondary number. But the user gets a display of the only virtual number. Virtual phone numbers use IP telephony method.
Virtual Number vs Toll-free Number
In a bird’s eye view, both are similar concepts, the only difference is being their geographical reach. Virtual number services have a limitation to a particular area, location and are local numbers. While a Toll-free number are local numbers with their location and area extended throughout the country.
Virtual numbers offer numerous benefits to small business and giant businesses’, especially in the service industry.
  1. Calls controlling: Once you have a virtual number, you can connect any quantity of your mobile numbers and setting them in order, thus putting a control on where your calls are routed.
  2. Avoid complexity of time zone: With a virtual phone number, your calls from customers can be routed directly to the attendant available at a specific timing, irrespective of fear if they’ll be available or not. This brings 100% attendance of calls from customers.
  3. Cost effective: Since they use VoIP technology, which is calling via Voice over transmission through the internet, you bear less cost for phone calls.
Virtual Number service providers
With an increase in competition in the market for the best quality and cost, few are major service providers who excel well beyond others in providing Virtual number services. There are various service providers which give the facility of call recording, database management, easy setup, no limit to extension numbers.
As each business or startup grows, especially in service sectors, importance and necessity of usage of Virtual phone numbers come in the picture which is must and highly beneficial.


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