The Key Features of Calling Cards platform provider

The Calling Card facility is provided by the new VoIP service providers the old telephone operators combine. This is considered as the most convenient way of making voice calls with near and dear one. This network avoids the overcrowded far-flung networks. The Calling Cards has so many features which turned this service demand able.
calling card platfrom provider.jpg
  • The calling card platform provider provides two types of calling card one is with a PIN and another one is except PIN.
  • The calling card service is once taken from the service provider the call facility can enable from Computer, Desktop and Laptop & Mobiles.
  • The calling card platform provider also provides the ANI calling card which needs a registration through web portal as well as voice fill-up.
  • There are two types of calling cards provided one is calling cards for the costumer of hard copy and another one is a virtual calling card where everything on the virtual media and run through the web portal.
  • The calling cards are having Multi language services with numerous national & international languages. The calling card platform provider also provide flexible time zone, currency notes as well as the tariff plans for the calling card and can function in any time zone in the world.
  • The calling card database is super fast one and all the addition, deletion, updating & editing works are performed quickly within a second.
  • The calling card platform has complete control on the calls rating and routes the calls on automatic roots.
  • The call block, call drop, call duration and other issues are not bothering in the advanced calling card platform with real-time calling facility everywhere in any time.
The calling card Platform provider is very competitive for the agents, resellers, subscribers and another customer whether as hard copy available physically or a soft copy available in the virtual media. The calling card has the ability to catch any type of national and international mobile network.


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