The Noticeable Features of the iPhone SIP Dialer

iPhone SIP dialer is an application that is specially designed for the i Phones. It gives the users the service of the VOIP on their phones.
The remarkable features
The remarkable features of the iPhone SIP dialer are like the followings-
    Like any other SIP technology, it allows the users to make voice and video calls through the IP address.
    Some particular app allows making free voice calls.
    The quality of the voice and video depends on the data connection.
    The dialer can transfer the calls, conference, and call holding facility.
    To avail better service, it is also possible to take paid premium service.
    This app can make smooth, and high quality calls through the respective VOIP service.
The interface of this app is made with the customization features so that the users can utilize the app according to their wishes.


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