4 SIP Applications Runs On Android Phones

The Session Initiation Protocol is called SIP in short. The SIP is now using in the VoIP system to make different types of calls like video calls or voice calls. This is available free of cost to the user. Being a conversational protocol SIP is very useful in the Android environment. This article is discussed on 4 most popular SIP android Apps.
  1. Lin Phone:
Linphone is an android application running with the support of SIP dialer. This is a video conferencing mobile apps and compatible for group chat facility. The video, as well as the voice qualities, are excellent with this SIP mobile app. The key feature of this app is the echo cancellation facility.
sip diler.jpg
  1. Nimbuzz Messenger:
This is the most popular SIP dialer voice calling mobile application for android phone. The Nimbuzz Messenger can also be run in desktops. The clear interface of this mobile app wins the trust of 1.5 billion users all over the world. The updated version of this app runs well with latest android version.
  1. Voxofon:
Voxofon is another free SIP dialer app for android mobile phones. This communicative app is compatible with the latest Android version from 2.3.3 android version and upper versions. Available freely in the Play store make this app very light and smaller in size. The app is running with existing SIP account.
  1. Sipdroid:
The name of the app clearly reveals that it is a SIP dialer android app running on VoIP system. It is also a free application and supported for all types of platforms. This app needs an android 3.00 version O.S and more than that.
SIP is a very effective virtual communication media which can be possible with a desktop, laptop or any Smartphone using the internet. This system provides an opportunity to take the real benefit of the VoIP system over the hard landline phone connection. The SIP is now globally used by companies, business organizations for internal & external voice & video Communication.


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